Update: 4-1-2007

Dive season in the midwest is rapidly approaching, and between the usual yearly maintenance projects I've been putting a few random things together. The pics from the Miami Tech 07 weekend are below, and I've added some files I organized with a little help from my friends - mainly dive-log related. Enjoy. :)

Tech Miami 2007
I took a weekend before a vacation to visit the Tech Miami 2007 Conference hosted by Underwater Unlimited that included a number of great presentations by the principal representatives from GUE. Here are a few random shots proving, if nothing else, that I am the furthest thing from Ansel Adams.

Mix of the Trip
Various "people" shots from our most recent expedition
Marianna, Florida, January 2007

Jackson Blue - a second look
Marianna, Florida, January 2007

Twin Caves
Marianna, Florida, January 2007
Happy Shark Video - Sand Tigers shot on the wreck of the Caribsea in North Carolina with Jeff Faircloth.

Oh, and a little plug for a friend of mine -If you like the Costa Rica video, Seatasea will be running a trip there at Thanksgiving of 2007. Click here to get the details: