Pictures from Tech Miami 2007
Big thanks to Underwater Unlimited for hosting this event
Taken at Captain Slate's Atlantis Dive Center in Key Largo, FL before a dive on the Spiegel Grove

Shot of Atlantis Dock pre-dive

Dr. Kincaid describing a dive at Loch Ness to a few divers on the scene.

A boat full of doubles

Ken from Halcyon talking to another diver

David Rhea

Casey McKinlay, David Rhea, Jarrod Jablonski (left to right)

Henry & Brian, the guys who allowed me to jump in the team I jumped in with (thanks!)

Drysuit flooding even happens to elite divers...

Surprising McKinlay

Post-dive fun

Todd Kincaid after an impromptu wrestling match on deck with JJ

The famous "Tech Miami 07 Cake" cutting

A quick picture with Jarrod Jablonski

Captain Slate inspecting the divers

Halcyon sales post-dive

Thanks for the doubles bro. :)